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Welcome to CardyCooler

The affordable, 100% biodegradable cardboard drink cooler that's great for advertising at events and weddings.

Coolers in their current form are made of Styrofoam or neoprene. They are not environmentally friendly, biodegradable or easily recyclable. They don't break down and they clog up our landfills and pollute our oceans - they won’t go away even if production and use of them were to stop immediately.

When ingested by marine life and bird life, these artificial materials tend to block their digestive tracts, causing starvation, and ultimately death. As such, it is important to dispose of these materials carefully.

But here's the good news...

 CardyCooler - the answer, naturally

Introducing CardyCooler: The 100% biodegradable cardboard cooler that keeps your beverage cold.

CardyCoolers are manufactured from single face cardboard - wood pulp and starch based glue. The design and material will keep the beverage contained within up to 50% cooler than if left exposed to the elements. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable. They break down quickly causing no damage to our oceans or landfill, and they can also do wonders for your home compost!

Feature your logo, image or celebratory message on CardyCooler

Designed to be used up to 10 times (although if treated with respect, they can be used for months), CardyCoolers can be up to 800% cheaper than current coolers, which means 800% more exposure for your brand. They are great for promotional events, weddings and special occasions.

CardyCooler - Saving our planet in a cooler way

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