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The CardyCooler Range

The CardyCooler is designed to fit a standard or specified sizes stubby or bottle. Design features include a placard window approximately 80mm in diameter cut into one layer of the board allowing a logo, picture or anything to be printed on it thus turning CC into a walking advert.

The segment that has been cut out is semi-attached at purchase, and can also be printed on, and when removed gives the consumer a coaster with advertising on it.

Also available are adjustable CardyCoolers, which come unfolded and can be adjusted to fit circumference of the the vessel upon folding. Fold, adjust, and lock to size this CardyCooler in just 4 easy steps.

The Working CardyCooler

Get your brand in your customers hand by advertising on the cooler. Simply come up with a design or call to action. We will print it on the coolers and then distribute the coolers to participating pubs, clubs, etc. for potential customers to see. The more coolers you order, the more potential customers exposed to your brand or product while out on the town.

Let CardyCooler tell the story while you literally kick back with friends and enjoy a cold one.


“It was a no brainer for us at Sonar. We sell boats so Cardycooler distributed mine at the Yacht club”

— Mark Cash, Sonar Marine Cairns


“Being a small business on an island, we don’t have the big bucks to spend on advertising so CardyCoolers are perfect for us.

The’re the best of both worlds. Advertising and Great exposure at our local.”

— Vince Vormister, Magnetic Island Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

The CardyCooler Glass Cooler is designed to fit a specific sized glass. It has all the same qualities as the stubby cooler with the advantage of being designed to advertise your product at the venue even with bottles absent. The glass fits perfectly into the cooler keeping the beer cold and your hands warm all the while promoting your product.

100 random glasses of beer at a venue on a Friday afternoon turns into 100 ads promoting your company or business.

The Working Cooler

Printed coolers start from $1.36 AUD per cooler plus GST, plus $50 artwork fee per label design.
A distribution fee of 15% applies and is subject to order quantity.

The Corporate Cooler

Printed coolers start from $1.36 AUD per cooler plus GST, plus delivery.
Minimum order quantities apply.


CardyCooler At Home

Printed coolers start at $1.55 AUD per cooler, plus GST, plus delivery.
Minimum order size of 100 units.

DIY Coolers

Blank coolers start from $0.55 AUD per cooler plus GST, plus delivery.

Customer responsible for artwork, label acquisition, and printing.

Additional information regarding international orders

Orders placed from outside of Australia may be subject to additional tariffs, shipping costs, and order size conditions. Under some circumstances CardyCooler may not be able to accept an international order. Payments made from overseas must match AUD conversion at the time of sale, and any additional fees and charges incurred by the customer from third party financial services are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Pricing information

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