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About Us

 Warren Thompson. 

 Bruno Berthelot. 

When one of our polystyrene stubby coolers fell over the side of the boat while we were out racing, the idea initially sprung to mind - there has to be a better way of doing things.


CardyCooler is the culmination of effort inspired by our passion for enjoying great beer with great company in great places. While we're fortunate and safe in knowing there's no foreseeable reason the first two are going anywhere soon, we realise the onus is on us to protect the environment we enjoy so freely, so the good times we share can be experienced for generations to come.


In our case, motivation came from a drive to protect the beautiful seas of Australia's tropical north Queensland, but we're all too aware of the impact good times can also have on the ecosystems of lakes, rivers, parks, and anywhere else people are inclined to throw their feet up and crack open a beer.

Thank you for being part of our journey, and making the choice to reduce pollution and protect our environment by choosing CardyCooler.

CardyCooler - Saving the planet in a cooler way

Check out our story as covered by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

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Yachtsmen's beer talk leads to biodegradable stubby cooler

CardyCooler  PTY LTD is a registered Australian business operating internationally under the following:

Australian Company No. 609 806 180
Australian Innovation Patent No. 2014101565
Australian Trade Mark Registration No. 1733388
US Patent Application No. 14/977529
Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2016900336

Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2017901646
Australian Standard Patent Application No. 2016222460

International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2017/050090

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