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CardyCooler is a 100% biodegradable drink cooler made from cardboard and environmentally friendly starched based glue which insulates drinks from shock and temperature.


The coolers are designed to clearly display your logo or image, are easy to assemble, fit various sized glasses and bottles, and are designed to be used up to 10 to 15 times before their disposal. CardyCoolers are delivered flat, and are quick and easy to roll for use in any occasion.


If you require assistance, we can create your artwork for you for an additional fee.

CCStubby: Qty 1000+

  • The 100% biodegradable CardyCooler is manufactured from single face cardboard, (predominantly wood pulp) using a starch based glue, and food grade printing ink. The design and material will keep the contained beverage up to 50% cooler than if left exposed to the elements.

    Available in the classic eco (natural cardboard) finish.


    Design features include an 80mm diameter placard window cut into one layer of the board allowing a logo or image to be printed on it - turning CC into a walking advert. The segment that has been cut out is semi-attached at purchase, and can also be printed on, so when it is removed it gives the consumer an additional coaster with your advertising on it. ​


    The CardyCooler is designed to fit a standard stubby, bottle or glass. CardyCoolers are supplied flat (unfolded) and can be adjusted to fit the circumference of the vessel upon folding. Fold, adjust and lock the CardyCooler to size in just 4 easy steps!


    COMING SOON - A bigger schooner/event cup sized CardyCooler! Just ask us for more information and for your personalised quote.

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